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The organization commissions research that addresses social isolation and finds ways to prevent it. AARP's website provides a number of valuable resources to people over the age of There are message boards to keep in contact with others on the website and popular discussions that allow individuals to share jokes, music and new books with other members.

The information is directed toward the over 50 demographic, and includes travel, dating and health advice. This can be very beneficial to those with hearing loss because it serves as an outlet to get in touch with others, without relying on hearing. Plus, it provides a gateway to meet others with hearing loss. Social media and online interaction can very helpful to those with hearing loss. Additionally, the website provides state-specific information including sessions to attend, caregiving tips, forums and local events. AARP is a trusted name in the healthcare industry, which is why the foundation is able to provide many Americans with affordable healthcare.

Being a member of AARP allows you to take advantage of the close relationship that AARP has with leading companies by having access to a number of health products, discounts and services at a low rate. Additionally, there is a health insurance terms glossary that will help you decipher hard to understand language when choosing a plan. You can also calculate your social security benefits. Products or services that are available for reimbursement by federal programs such as Medicare and Medicaid are not available on an AARP discounted or complimentary basis.

You can search for a provider in our directory and call to schedule a hearing test.

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Or, you can visit AARP's hearing program website for help locating a hearing care professional. Either way, don't delay. Getting help with your hearing ability will improve your relationships, career and quality of life. Read more about Mandy. More information about hearing loss , hearing aid brands , assistive devices and tinnitus. Side Menu. Latest news Causes of sensorineural hearing loss SNHL Learn about the many different causes of sensorineural hearing loss, the most common type of hearing loss.

Read more Aging and hearing loss presbycusis Presbycusis can sneak up on you and affects your ability to hear.

AARP hearing care program

Ten questions to ask your hearing health professional Use these ten questions to start the dialogue with your hearing healthcare professional at your initial hearing evaluation Read more Understanding high-frequency hearing loss If speech seems muffled and you have trouble hearing women's and kid's voices, birds sing or doorbells ring, you may have high-frequency hearing loss.

If you're a member of AARP, hearing aids are available at a discount through their hearing care program. What do I need to know about buying hearing aids? Aging and hearing loss presbycusis 8 tips for dealing with restaurant noise when you wear hearing aids 7 tips for getting used to your new hearing aids Five ways hearing aids may help you live longer Telephone hearing test delivers accurate results.

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